Category: General Secretary

August 2010: Ecumenism

While you may be well over Christians of a certain age banging on about U2, a new publication in that genre still warrants your attention.

July 2010: Chaplains

I’ve been an army chaplain full-time for 18 years. I was a reservist for a bit over a year before that when I was a Uniting Church minister on the Gold Coast.

June 2010: Christian Conference of Asia

What struck Uniting Church President Alistair Macrae most about the Christian Conference of Asia’s 13th General Assembly — apart from the salutary experience of...

May 2010: The sexualisation of children

When eight-year-old girls are being admitted to hospital with eating disorders, six-year-olds are asking, “Do I look hot in this?”, porn magazines are sold at...

April 2010: Ideas to change the world

Australian author Christos Tsiolkas, in his preface to a new edition of Robin Boyd’s The Australian Ugliness, said such books reminded us that, no this isn’t the...

March 2010: Easter

I’ve never made a hot cross bun. So this holy season I’m on a mission. One problem: No yeast.

Febraury 2010: Ethical tourism

Situations can affect our behaviour more than we ordinarily think. Given a change of circumstances, a generally good person can find themselves acting quite out of...