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Your community is your Congregation

One of the greatest challenges for the church in the 21st Century is its lack of connection to its community. Far too many churches today have become drive-in, spiritual...


It’s time to start telling a new story

In my November column I spoke about beginning to “change the narrative” of how we talk about the state of the Church – to move from negative to positive. I have...


Where are they now?

Decisions to leave are not made suddenly. They have been brewing for some time. Once people leave, often the clues that something was not right become all too obvious,...


Christmas memories

What is your Christmas memory? Is it a traditional European wintry scene? Is it an outback Australian hot, dry, dusty scene?


Seeing things with new ‘Kingdom eyes’

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the recent Synod meeting. From my perspective the event went really well.


The work of Aunty Dorrie

Hers is a life that has been passionately committed to ministry in The Uniting Church and ministry with Aboriginal people – ministry she shared with her late husband,...


Get ready for action. Synod is coming.

Whenever we feel we are struggling with inadequate resources; that our numbers are small; that our frailty is showing, it is here that we are required to bring what we...


‘Follow Me’ to Synod 2014

In all of this preparation and buzz, it’s important to remember that the Christ is always ahead of us preparing the way and that the way that he prepares is a...


Who is your neighbour?

Jesus was famously asked: “Who is my neighbour?” by a lawyer who wanted to ‘justify’ himself before Jesus. It results in Jesus telling the most amazing parable...


People give to people

As we come and go in the life of the Church we need both worship and service to make our lives complete. Both require our generosity and our energy...