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You are the salt and light of the web

Recently my congregation has been reflecting on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In it, Jesus tells his listeners that they should be salt of the earth and light of the...


How portable is your faith

Our congregation recently started a new monthly email campaign for young families, simply called, “Faith at Home”.


Reaching out beyond our digital echo chambers

Life in digital spaces has become an increasingly customized experience. Online shopping sites like Amazon customize their offerings based on our previous purchases....


Past wisdom can shape future faith

“It is the culture of the whole church that is most influential in nurturing a vital Christian faith.” International speaker John Roberto was in Sydney recently for...


Sharing our filtered self

Social media has become the new location for the ‘car park miracle’. You know the ‘car park miracle’ — it’s what happens as you drive into the car park...


Invite others to share your moments

In the rapidly moving world of social media, one of the standout innovations and most popular features of the eighteen months is the ability to broadcast live video from...


Ministry leadership in a digital age

Held annually in Washington DC, the EFormation conference promotes faith formation, strategic theological thinking about church communication, and digital best practice....


8 steps to making your church website great

The Internet. Most of us use it every day. Some might say they can’t live without it. But how many of us truly understand it? This simple guide will step you through...


8 online tools that you can’t live without…

… Or, at the very least, you may find helpful Have you often thought that there must be tools and programs available on the internet that will enhance ministry and...


12 tips for starting to share faith online

Want to be a great Christian witness on the web but don't know where to start?