Can we find true love on our screens?

Can we find true love on our screens?

Love is a massive part of our lives. Just think about how much time we can devote to finding someone who loves us and wants to share their life with us. No wonder so many movies and TV shows are devoted to matters of the heart.

This week on the big and small screens, love is in the air. At cinemas, Learning to Drive and Miss You Already bring perspectives upon relationships, longevity and close contact. On TV, The Bachelorette continues to be a ratings giant as we see a bunch of blokes compete for the attention of one woman.

Every week, scriptwriter Mark Hadley and film reviewer Ben McEachen provide Christian insights into pop culture on The Big Picture podcast and videos.

The latest dose of Big Picture-ness covers Learning to Drive, Miss You Already, The Bachelorette and many other things related to romance, drama, companionship and how to find true love. Watch the videos below or click to here to listen to the full Big Picture podcast, including Insights editor Adrian revealing what is the Greatest Rom-Com Ever.

Now Showing: Learning to Drive from The Big Picture on Vimeo.

Screen Couples from The Big Picture on Vimeo.


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