Can we find hope despite climate change?

Can we find hope despite climate change?

A new book, co-edited by the Principal of United Theological College, Rev. Dr Peter Walker, explores the concept of Christian hope amidst environmental crisis.

Rev. Dr Walker co-edited Seeking Hope in the Anthropocene with the Assistant Director of Charles Sturt’s Centre for Public and Contextual Theology (PaCT), Dr Jonathan Cole.

The book has contributions from a wide range of scholars.

It begins  with an essay by Charles Sturt Professor Clive Hamilton, ‘The Anthropocene Epoch and Its Meaning.’

From there, it includes 10 contributing essays, each exploring the theological implications of Hamilton’s insights. The essays cover a number of areas including ecclesiology, eschatology, apocalypse, hamartiology, theological anthropology, and the doctrine of creation. 

Rev. Dr Walker told Insights that the book was currently being reviewed for publication by Lexington Press.

He believes that Christians can find hope, even during the seemingly intractable crisis posed by climate change.

“I believe there is hope in the fact that every one of us can make a difference,” Rev. Dr Walker said.

“I am not talking about saccharine hope. I am talking about discipleship. When I see people who claim the name and faith of a first century Jew turn their heart and hands to the 21st century climate crisis because they believe their Christian discipleship demands it, I am given great hope.”

The book was written in conversation with Professor Clive Hamilton, an Australian ethicist famous for his early commitment to environmental issues.

“Hamilton is not a Christian but worked on this topic with Christian theologians because he wanted to see what that collaboration might bring,” Rev. Dr Walker said.

“This books is the result.”

Dr Cole wrote an outline of what the book will include on the PaCT website.

“It has been an honour to co-edit the volume with Peter Walker,” Dr Cole Wrote.

On behalf of both of us, I would like to thank our contributors: Prof. Clive Hamilton, Prof Lisa Sideris, Rt Rev. Prof. Stephen Pickard, Prof. Mark Brett, Dr Dianne Rayson, Rev. Prof Scott Cowdell, A/Prof. David Neville, Prof. Christiaan Mostert and A/Prof. Clive Pearson, and all the other scholars who participated in one or more of the seminars that led to the genesis of this project.”  

The editors believe the book will be published in 2022.

Insights will have more coverage upon the book’s release.


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