Campbelltown’s hands-free solution

Campbelltown’s hands-free solution

Campbelltown Uniting Church are marketing hands free sanitisers to raise money for some key missions in Africa.

With COVID-19 requiring that churches put in place measures to safely reopen, having access to hand sanitisers that can operate for multiple people is something of a necessity.

Campbelltown Uniting Church is offering a solution for this; locally-made hands sanitisers that don’t require people to press any buttons.

Campbelltown UnitingCare’s John Russell told Insights that the project was a matter of “just joining the dots together” and addressing multiple needs at once. These included immediate health needs, local employment, and a mission in Uganda that the church supports.

“Campbelltown Uniting Church needed to supply the congregation with hand sanitisers before we reopened,” he said.

“My son has a business building exhibition displays which had gone from a thriving industry to nothing because of Covid-19,” he said.

“They started building hands-free sanitisers.”

The units themselves (pictured) are labelled with congregation’s names and come with free, medical-grade sanitiser.

Proceeds will help support Campbelltown UnitingCare’s mission in Kampala, Uganda.

 “We support 33 children to go to school, run a two doctor medical clinic for Burundian refugees in the city and provides for medical emergencies and start-ups,” Mr Russell said.

“All this comes at a cost of $70,000 year. We only have two years’ money left so we seek to raise more money where possible.”

“The project came as a win-win for everybody.”

For more information on the hands-free sanitisers, contact John Russell on  46 22 5001 or via


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  1. As I process invoices for the purchase of sanitisers to the different suppliers, my request would be if Synod, UFS and Uniting Venues should order sanitisers from Uniting Church Campbelltown and display in the offices for the staff, friends and our customers to use, the payments they receive from us, will also greatly help support Campbelltown UnitingCare’s mission in Kampala, Uganda.

    It supports local businesses and it’s more hygienic as it doesn’t require to press any buttons to use.

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