Building online communities

Building online communities

Synod Communications and Marketing are building an online community for Congregations and Presbyteries by assisting Churches in identifying how their missional goals are assisted through digital ministry, which includes a website and social media assistance.

The Microsite Project is a new Synod communications strategy to connect Congregations and Presbyteries to a network that exists within the Synod website structure, which was launched a few years ago. Congregations involved in the project gain access and training to set up an easy-to-use website which becomes part of a wider network of sites, making local Uniting Churches more visible on search engines.

Many Churches have websites they have not been able to maintain or volunteers have moved on from their Congregations leaving them with a website that they are unable, or don’t have the skills to maintain. The Microsite Project is designed to cater to smaller Congregations that would like to have a website, but do not know where to start.

The Synod Communications team, partnering with the Synod’s internet developer Intelligent Developments have so far visited Parramatta Nepean, George’s River, Riverina, Far North Coast and Sydney Presbyteries where participants have left the training days with functioning websites and some information about digital ministry and how to reach out to their local communities through social media. They then are able to launch the websites once all their content is finalised by contacting Intelligent Developments.

How can my Congregation get involved?

For the remainder of 2018 we have a number of training days booked across the state.

To find out more about the project visit the website at If your Presbytery would like to host a bootcamp day contact Communications at

What people love about it…

“Brilliant. Perfect for beginners.”

“A good missional angle through all that was done and shared.”

“The facilitator and support team were helpful and encouraging.”

“I feel excited about the possibilities of a new online presence. Excellent training.”

“Really helpful to learn how to make contact with the community though internet and digital media.”


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