Bill relief payments welcome, but more energy efficiency needed: Sydney communities

Bill relief payments welcome, but more energy efficiency needed: Sydney communities

Sydney communities have welcomed the NSW Coalition’s promise to give payments to households that seek a cheaper energy contract, but say they need more support to access renewable power and be more energy efficient.

The Coalition announced that NSW households would get a $250 payment off their power bills if they use the Service NSW website to compare their current energy deal with other plans.

“We support the NSW Government giving immediate relief in response to the soaring cost of power, but communities in Sydney want solutions that will cut bills long-term, including for renters,” said Saimi Jeong, spokesperson for Sydney Alliance, a coalition of diverse community groups, charities, unions, and faith organisations.

“That means providing cheaper access to renewables for more people on lower incomes, improving existing rental properties so they’re more energy efficient, and support to access more efficient home appliances.

“That’s what we’re asking of NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, Shadow Treasurer Daniel Mookhey, and representatives from the crossbench when they attend our assembly in Westmead later this month.

“We want concrete commitments to these measures from any party that wants to get elected in March.”

Jacqui Mumford, CEO of Nature Conservation Council NSW, a member of Sydney Alliance, said:

“Every dollar invested in energy efficiency will mean lower bills for years to come.

“Low-income households and renters in NSW are locked into living in homes that don’t meet basic energy efficiency standards and are very expensive to heat and cool.

“We’re calling on all parties to commit to minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties and a package of rebates that help households upgrade to clean technology.”


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  1. I applaud Sydney Alliance for their work in pushing for a fair, just and sustainable Sydney!

    I respond as The Greens candidate for Ryde in the upcoming NSW election.
    The Greens have numerous policies to provide cheaper access to renewables low-income earners, to improve energy efficiency in rental properties, and to support access to more efficient appliances. These include the below:

    – Funding for renewable and sustainable energy programs, including grants (and legislation, if needed) to enable greater access to affordable energy, especially for households facing barriers to installing rooftop solar PV and batteries, such as those in rental housing, low-income earners, or those living in apartments.
    – The provision of assistance to households, businesses and industrial users to transition away from gas and oil to efficient use of electricity (e.g heat pumps, induction cooking) and improve energy efficiency, in recognition of domestic price rises. Ensure that the assistance protects low-income households from energy poverty but is not delivered as a subsidy on gas prices.
    – Providing financial assistance, investment subsidies, support and expertise, especially to low-income households to enable them to become more energy efficient and to avoid energy poverty.
    – Low and middle-income households receive adequate protection from increased prices in the form of assistance in reducing demand and monetary compensation.
    – Developing financial support mechanisms to enable households, especially low-income households, to fund energy efficiency upgrades and best-in-category appliances to improve household energy efficiency and support increased efficiency targets in the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.
    – Implementing mandatory minimum energy efficiency standards for rental dwellings, including public and community housing.
    – Using legislation and grants to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and consumer goods sold or manufactured in Australia.

    For the full list of NSW Greens energy policies, please visit

    Sophie Edington, The Greens candidate for Ryde

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