Biblical Disasters

Biblical Disasters

(PG) Magna Home Entertainment DVD/BD

Did Noah’s flood actually happen? Were the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah really destroyed with fire and brimstone?

If you start watching Biblical Disasters with the hope or expectation that this history documentary series will prove the veracity of the Bible by providing incontrovertible evidence that these events took place, you will probably be disappointed.

What the Biblical Disasters series does provide are a well-rounded range of perspectives from biblical and secular historical sources combined with scientific theory and some speculation to explore the possibility of whether these events could have actually happened thousands of years ago and the effects of such disasters if they were to happen today.

The scientific aspect of these documentaries is made accessible to lay viewers through easy-to-understand commentary from various experts, and is balanced with the inclusion of biblical lore as well as that of other ancient civilisations recounting the same events. The pace is maintained by polished live re-enactment scenes and detailed visual scientific models of how these disasters may have unfolded, which are a particular highlight, and further illuminate and contextualise the important points.

While they raise a number of questions about the events surrounding the flood and Sodomand Gomorrah, the scientific evidence presented is somewhat circumstantial, with inconclusive answers. Also, the three DVDs in the Biblical Disasters set are effectively two, with the first DVD containing a short introduction filler piece on the destructive nature of disasters in general which does not add much to the series.

Once you get past (or skip watching) the first part however, and get to the actual content, these documentaries prove to be engaging and informative and are definitely recommended for those looking for a good starting point in investigating biblical history. They will also be enjoyed by those interested in gaining more general knowledge and a wider perspective on these biblical disasters.

Amanda Lum


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