Being Gay, Being Christian

Being Gay, Being Christian

Stuart Edser

Exisle Publishing, $34.99

Here’s the first book I would give any literate Christian seeker-after-truth/reality about gay and lesbian issues (next I would suggest recent books by the Australians Justice Michael Kirby, Michael Kelly, and Anthony Venn-Brown).

Edser is a psychologist with a gay orientation who, with the help of Marcus Borg, James Alison et al, has reconfigured his former simplistic fundamentalist theology and has come to believe that God actually loves him — even likes him — the way God made him.

He tells it like it is.

He’s especially vitriolic about elderly males in the Vatican issuing pronouncements about how we should believe/behave — especially when science disagrees with their presuppositions.

He’s an expert on the relevant research: the endnotes alone are worth the price of the book.

Rowland Croucher


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