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What God is calling the church to be

I write having just returned from spending six days sitting around tables participating in the 12th Assembly of the Uniting Church. For some it might seem to be a waste...

Safe churches no sideshow

In June I attended the National Council of Churches’ Safe as Churches? conference. A dominant theme was “forgiveness.”

Campaign for Jesus helps the church fulfil its calling

In last month’s Insights, reflecting on Billy Graham’s 1959 visit to Australia, I indicated that I believed that in 21st century Australia effective evangelism has...

Seek ways to love the world

On April 1 I attended the launch of the “Remembering Billy Graham” film at the Lyceum Theatre in Wesley Mission (later broadcast on television).

Let’s live in the way of the cross

As I have travelled around and spoken about grace, the mission of the church, who we are to be, in places such as Sydney North Presbytery, New England North West...

How do we respond as Christians

As I write this column the nation is responding to the horrors of the bushfires in Victoria and the compassion and generosity of the Australian community is being...

We are well placed to connect with the community

At the end of last year, in the course of a conversation at the presentation evening at Margaret Jurd Learning Centre (a great school of the Uniting Church), I was asked...

Christmas mission manifests the Body of Christ

So what are you doing over Christmas? For me this year is a Reid Christmas.

Sell property to further mission

Sell all the church’s property! My words at Synod got me onto the third page (not as good as the Anglican archbishop’s front page) and onto the radio a couple of...

It’s our relationship with God that matters

Twenty-one per cent of church goers read their Bible daily according to the 2006 National Church life Survey. Shock horror!