Generation Alpha: the future is not an inevitable destination

Generation Alpha: the future is not an inevitable destination

On Thursday 3 June, McCrindle, an Australian-based social research, demographics, and data analytics agency, launched the Generation Alpha book, written by Ashley Fell and Mark McCrindle with the special participation of Sam Buckerfield.

During this online event, Ashley Fell provided some brief key points to understand who the Alpha children are, the world they live in, and how it is shaping their future. As many of these children are still to be born (2010- 2024), this generation will be most definitely shaped by new ways of approaching technology, the use of multiple screens and the global pandemic.

Through the live chat, most assistants -from the education sector, not-for-profit organisations, and family members – showed their interest in these children’s behaviours and a realistic approach to how their future looks. This last item seems to be well approached in the book, as many parents and adults, in general, tend to have a pessimistic approach.  

“For leaders, the future is not an inevitable destination, but something they are shaping, and which Generation Alpha will inherit and themselves shape anew.”

Generation Alpha, Page 262

One of the most important remarks was about how to equip this generation and open our minds to raise children who will start working later in life, who might not only pursue one career, who will like to, and will be able to, move and relocate frequently.

“Generation Alpha is the most globally connected generation of children ever.  The book was written for parents, teachers, and leaders looking for guidance on how to raise their children. Parents who are worried about their kids spending too much time on screens or concerned about how global trends are impacting them and wondering how to prepare them for a world where they will live longer and work later.”

The book covers:

  • Understanding and empowering the next generation
  • The significance of technology
  • How to get education right for them and the future of work
  • Their consumer habits and their role as influencers
  • Where and how this generation will live as adults
  • The importance of mental and physical wellbeing
  • What their future looks like.

Generation Alpha is now available in bookshops.


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