Afghanistan: what can you do?

Afghanistan: what can you do?

We have all watched the devastating developments in Afghanistan over the last week with feelings of anger, sadness and helplessness.

For those people in Afghanistan, we can’t begin to imagine their fears for the future under Taliban rule. And for the people here in our communities – who have sought asylum in Australia – many continue to live in limbo, their cases for protection still undetermined or rejected, as they watch the unfolding crisis that is affecting their families, friends and communities.

 It’s at times like these that we must find the energy to take action and do our part for the people of Afghanistan and for people seeking asylum from Afghanistan living alongside us in Australia.
Thanks to the Refugee Council of Australia, Jesuit Refugee Service, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Sydney Alliance & others, here is what you can do to take action:
1. Understand what Australia can do:
Read the Refugee Council of Australia’s 7 asks of the Australian Government to better understand what we can do as a nation

2. Contact your MP:

  • Find your MPs contact email and phone number here.
  • Send a template email to your MP. Click here.

3. Letters and petitions to sign onto:

4. Other calls to action/statements:

  • Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Australia: Solidarity with Afghanistan, what you can do
  • RACS Australia: Act to protect people from Afghanistan
  • ASRC: Read the media statement here.


  • Asia Pacific Network of Refugees (APNOR) Click here.

Some media coverage and commentary (as compiled by ASRC):

  • SMH: As the Taliban seizes control, here is what Australia can do.
  • The Guardian: Life or death for Hazara’s: Australia has a new moral obligation to act, now.
  • The Guardian: Plea for Afghans in Australia to be allowed to stay as rescue mission from Taliban planned
  • SBS: More than 250 ADF troops deployed to help evacuate Australians in Afghanistan.
  • The Conversation: How Joe Biden failed the people of Afghanistan – and tarnished US credibility around the world.

The Uniting Church has a long and proud history of supporting peace and defending the rights and freedoms of refugees and people seeking asylum. We hope that these resources will be helpful and please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Alexandra Hogan

Uniting Advocacy Team


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1 thought on “Afghanistan: what can you do?”

  1. The UN ought to be involved now. It has been elsewhere in troubled times. USA was there with a coalition of countries outside of UN mandate. Now it is time for UN to help support the civilians. It is devastating to look at and I can’t imagine what hope and future there is for the bewildered forsaken citizens.

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