‘Aboriginality’ is not a political football

‘Aboriginality’ is not a political football

Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has called for the ongoing debate in the media about the definition of Aboriginality to stop.

“It is not up to the media, politicians or academics to define whether a person is Aboriginal or not.

“Further, Aboriginality is not defined by the colour of your skin, or whether you live in a remote or urban community. These types of classification set up tensions in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as well as often irreconcilable conflicts for many individuals,” said Commissioner Gooda.

“I live in metropolitan Sydney and I deal with people in Government, heads of multinational corporations and Indigenous peoples around the world while my mother was born on a mission in Central Queensland. We are both Aboriginal. I am Aboriginal. I am a proud Gangulu,” Commissioner Gooda said.

Commissioner Gooda said Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples represent diverse communities and reflect the ancient histories of this country as well as contemporary Australia.

“Our Aboriginality should be something we can all be proud of, not used as a weapon to divide us.”


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