A special wytch is not to be missed

A special wytch is not to be missed

Review: Wytches Bad Eggs Halloween Special
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jock
Colour Art by Matt Hollingsworth

After a long absence, the Wytches comic story is once again underway, with a one-off special that will impact on the upcoming second arc.

For a while, Image Plus has contained short installments of a Wytches prequel. The Halloween special collects this story in one 80 page volume and expands on it.

In the first arc, readers were introduced to the wytches, mystical creatures that are born in trees, feasting on unsuspecting victims ‘pledged’ to them.

Taking place years before the first story, the Wytches Halloween Special introduces a new family of hunters who have long worked to curtail the wytches. Here, this family find themselves in a new town, hunting a new nest of ‘highest horn’, wytches who have special status. Young Seb finds himself tasked with killing his only friend Jackson and his entire family in order to prevent a new evil from getting out.

Along the way, the Wytches Halloween Special brings up questions about loyalty, friendship, and whether an evil task (in this case, killing a young boy alongside his entire evil family) is ever justified in the service of a greater good.

Scott Snyder’s knack for building tension and world building put his multiple-year Batman run in good stead. The Wytches Halloween Special brings these strengths to the fore, with a constantly tense story that adds many more elements to Wytches’ lore. Once again, Jock’s pencils mesh very well with Snyder’s ideas. Matt Hollingsworth’s washed out colour art gives this an even more unsettling feel.

With characters and storyline elements from this special set to return with a new Wytches series in 2019, this special is perfectly timed as a bridge between series.

Horror fans would do well to track this special down, alongside the mainline series. As horror comics go, it is one of the most addictive, and leaves a lasting impression. Pledged is pledged.

Jonathan Foye is Insights’ Editor


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