A Harmony of Legacy and Craftsmanship

A Harmony of Legacy and Craftsmanship

On 10 March, 2024, 9:30 am Bathurst Uniting Church will celebrate 150 years of musical legacy at a commemorative church service in the morning and a concert in the afternoon, the church’s organ will be played by Internationally acclaimed organist Christopher Wrench.  

Dr Kelvin Hastie will provide a talk of the organ history and workings.  The afternoon concert at 2:30 pm will include an organ recital and The Allegri Singers.  The celebration promises to weave a narrative of history, passion, and extraordinary musical prowess.  

On 13 March, at 5 PM on the actual day of the 150th anniversary there will be the launch of a video of the organ and organist Judy Brooke, an unveiling of a plaque commemorating the occasion, and a recital that shows off the range of capability of the organ. 

These milestone events highlight the church’s treasured pipe organ, crafted in 1874 by William Davidson. One of only two remaining in its original form in New South Wales, and restoration efforts have preserved it. 

The Church service commemorates the organ as an instrument that inspires people in their worship of God.  The service will acknowledge the music-making of organist Judy Brooke, whose 62-year journey with the organ mirrors the church’s rich history.  

The concert promises a living tapestry connecting the past, present, and future through the language of music.   

For more information and to stay tuned for the ongoing celebrations, visit the congregation’s website here.  . For reservations to the All Stops Out Concert, visit the ticket website here.  


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  1. The article brought back memories of the Church Council in 1988 successfully submitting a project to the Federal Government’s Bi Centenary Fund, to have the organ fefurbished. The work was done by an organ builder in Orange.

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