Wonderful and Generous God,
Christmas comes again and we are full of joy and anticipation.
It’s not the food, the fun, the greetings, the gatherings, the glitter,
the gifts, the decorations, the music, the laughter –
all of that has a place, and we thank you for it.

But our hearts leap as our minds try to grasp the incomprehensible,
the unimaginable, the unthinkable,
indeed, some say the unbelievable:
that you, the Creator of all,
in a supremely wonderful way,
should come to us and reveal yourself on this insignificant, little planet earth.

There could be no better way, no more meaningful way,
no less complicated way, 
no more readily understood way than the amazing way you did it.

You came, speaking a universal language that needs no interpretation: the Word made flesh.

You came as a human, just like us,
so that anyone could see and read your message
simply in a life lived among us.

You came, gift-wrapped, in bands of cloth, lying in a manger.

Through Jesus, this gift you gave, you revealed your heart, O God-
Your very self-
love, joy, peace, gentleness, holiness and overwhelming kindness.

You, God of God, very God of very God, came and actually spoke
words of forgiveness, truth and wonder through a human voice.
And now, because of Christmas, you continually come to us:
a loving parent and a friend to us all;
an ever-present companion, our Lord and brother, Jesus;
and a constant help and guide, the Holy Spirit within.

Then, as if the superlative gift of yourself
through your Son was not enough,
by his life, death and resurrection
you gave us yet another amazing and incomprehensible gift
-eternal life- for us to embrace even here and now!

Thus you enable us to enjoy you forever within the fellowship of your church and with a purpose to fulfil.


Little wonder that
we celebrate Christmas with the church on earth and in heaven.

Worthy are You of Worship,
God incarnate:
Christ the Lord.

Rev. Dr Bill Ives


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