42 percent of Australians do not know what charities their company supports

42 percent of Australians do not know what charities their company supports

New data has revealed that 54 percent of workers say their company donates to charity, yet almost half (42 percent) of employees don’t know which cause the money supports.

The study, commissioned by COS, surveyed over 1,000 Australian employees. It found that those whose company donated to charity said that they believe all companies should give back (46 percent) and that they like working for a company that supports the community (35 percent). 63 percent of the respondents whose workplace does not donate to charity said they wish their organisation did.

A disconnect emerged between a business donating money, and which cause or charity the money is being donated to.  Sixty seven percent of Australians said they would like to be part of the decision on where the funds go.

Amie Lyone is co-CEO of COS.

“It’s encouraging to see so many Australian companies are donating to charities, but what is apparent is that many businesses aren’t connecting the dots when it comes to involving employees in their philanthropic efforts,” she said.

 “All businesses, whether they are small local entities or global companies, have the power to improve people’s lives and be a vehicle for giving,” Ms Lyone sida.

“If you work through the process with your team, you’ll be amazed at the transformation that happens to staff, especially those involved in the committee, and the morale that comes with it.” 


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