Why you should join the People’s Climate March

Why you should join the People’s Climate March

The Uniting Church supports the People’s Climate March because we believe that we are called to be a part of God’s reconciliation and renewal of Creation. God invites and inspires us to participate in a vision of flourishing, abundant life, of peace and reconciliation, justice and transformation, love and inclusion for all Creation. Climate change is a threat to this vision, and is already harming those who are least responsible.

For more than a decade, the Uniting Church has stood in solidarity with churches in the Pacific and other international partner churches, who have asked us to support their call for a stronger global response to climate change. We have repeatedly advocated to our government to set greenhouse gas reduction targets of the order needed avoid catastrophic climate change, to put in place policies that shift us away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, and to support the people on the frontlines of climate change. At the same time, we have taken action ourselves as a Church on climate change – by supporting Pacific churches, divesting from fossil fuels, and addressing our own carbon footprint.

By joining the People’s Climate March, we again express our commitment to this cause, call on our government to rise to the challenge, and celebrate that a vibrant future for all God’s children and creatures is possible. We are also marching in support of the most vulnerable and impacted people on the frontline of climate change, particularly our Pacific neighbours. In Sydney, communities most impacted by climate change will be on the frontline of the march.

Who will join in the People’s Climate March?

People from all walks of life will gather in the Domain to march in the streets of Sydney on Sunday 29 November – indigenous peoples, farmers, firefighters, union leaders, health workers, grandparents, grandchildren, neighbours, Christians, people from other faith traditions, and more. We will be a part of the biggest climate march that our city – and the world – has ever seen. As world leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, we will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in hundreds of major cities around the world. There will also be an associated prayer service at Pitt Street Uniting Church from 12pm, open to people of all faiths.

How will the Uniting Church be present at the People’s Climate March?

The Uniting Church has formally endorsed the People’s Climate March. Uniting Church people will be at the People’s Climate March in large numbers, in all our diversity, with brothers and sisters from our Pacific Islands churches taking the lead. We will gather together at Hyde Park, where the march starts at 1pm. We invite you to bring your Uniting Church banner with you, and other banners that you might like to bring. There will also be a worship service, at Pitt Street Uniting Church, in association with the rally.

How will the People’s Climate March make a difference?

We know that people power can change the world. Social movements around the globe have repeatedly shown us that. This march is a part of a bigger movement that is mobilising around climate change. Over 5 million Australians power their homes with solar, farmers and Traditional Owners are saying no to mining on their land, and millions of Australians are calling for leadership from their politicians to support a planned transition away from coal and gas. It is a step along the way of being a part of the positive change that we want to see in our world, and asking our political leaders to do likewise.

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