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Still a battle for hearts and minds

Perhaps it’s time churches consider setting up a central body to collect offerings and monetary donations with the sole objective of re-distributing it among...


Response to “climate alarmism” letter in Insights

We have had a huge response to a recent letter (written by Rod McLeod) that claimed the current science around climate change is ‘alarmist’. Here are the...


Towards becoming a Real Person

I am a searching non-Christian. The road to faith is a difficult, tough one, with many struggles along the way. I was once a Christian and during this time, some forty...


‘Be alert, but not alarmed’

‘Be alert, but not alarmed’ – we often hear this advice about how to respond to crises. It’s usually best to be calm, observant but not over-anxious, so that we...


My Uncle Douglas

It is widely known that many families sacrificed much during the first World War. One such family was that of the Rev. Dr. John and Mrs. Jeannie Burgess.


The elephant in the room

Research into theology and the Bible is vital for a church moving forward. But it can often lead to challenging re-assessments of faith for the researchers. It is...


National Sorry Day

For many years in our Australian history, Aboriginal children were taken away from their parents by our government and other agencies. It caused those children and their...


Thank Heavens for Choices

No one knows what’s on the ‘other side’. Even Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead gave no recording of what he saw. There was no documentation of his...


An open letter to Scott Morrison MP

Dear Mr Morrison, I have read on several occasions that you identify William Wilberforce as one of your heroes.  Wilberforce is also one of my heroes.  Not least among...



This summer we have already experienced, in the Blue Mountains and elsewhere, the eruption of fierce bushfires. There are many ways of describing the effects of such...