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Stepping into the melting pot

Last month NASA released images that showed kilometres of ice (the size of Manhattan) break off the Pine Island Glacier in the Antarctic. Since then the video from the...

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Helping families to fight against pornography

Author Emily Olivia discusses the access children have to pornography — and why her new book Put A Lid On It: Exposing the Pornography Trap aims to assist parents in...


Don’t let your outrage define you

Is it just me or is social media amplifying our anger and frustration? Only recently I was looking at a thread on Facebook and the comments on it entirely depressed me....


What do Chance the Rapper, Chris Pratt and Britney Spears have in common?

Life is weird and this week has been no exception. Why do you think celebrities including Jurassic World‘s Chris Pratt, pop star Britney Spears and hip-hop pin-up...


Call to action goes on

As we celebrate the 40th year of our Church, it is only fitting that a new book has chronicled our history of advocacy in the public space. Ex-Moderator Rev. Dr Brian...

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Just another heatwave or a wake up call?

The weekend was a scorcher. Everyone in NSW would know this, yet some people on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, decided they were now weather reporters. Almost every...


Obedience is not optional

A long time ago now, I first read a book by Eugene Peterson called A Long Obedience in the Same Direction. It’s a book of Peterson’s reflections on the Psalms of...


Honouring the apology to the Stolen Generation

One of the difficult things for us to acknowledge in this country is the racism that has underpinned our history, and still flows through our public discourse. It is a...


Testing the faith of Liam Neeson

Hollywood superstar Liam Neeson reveals his complex relationship with Christian belief and explains why he will never stop searching for answers. Liam Neeson’s career...


Why I just blanked you on the street

I have a habit of ignoring friends in the street, which says something about me that I'd rather not be true.