What you need to know this week

What you need to know this week

What lies behind a smile

Emma Mullings is a singer, Sydney radio host and TV personality. She’s also a Christian who has gone through some intense periods of depression, leading to suicidal thoughts. Mullings spoke openly this week with Eternity news about what helped her to overcome such painful periods. Encouraging people to take seriously the national R U OK Day on September 8, Mullings also stressed the importance of not just asking how someone is but “listen to the answer and give someone an opportunity to answer in a safe place.”



The Jesus Trolley

For more than three decades, a prominent evangelist in Melbourne has been hitting the streets and sharing the good news of Jesus… in a most creative and eye-catching way. Desmond Hynes has pushed shopping trolleys around Melbourne, elaborately decorated with colourful announcements about our need for Jesus. This week, an exhibition called The Jesus Trolley opened at the Melbourne Town Hall, to exhibit 30 years of Hynes’ mobile ministry.



Bestselling author apologises for saying ‘No dating!’

American pastor Joshua Harris’s book I Kissed Dating Goodbye became an international success in the late 1990s. Harris wrote it to help Christians navigate the complicated waters of relationships and marriage. But recently Harris has been confronted by the negative impact of his strong “Don’t date” message, and has been publicly reconsidering how he presented that advice.



Jesus the Game Changer

A new 10-part DVD series has been released about how Jesus’s life and teachings changed the entire world. Jesus the Game Changer was created and hosted by well-known Christian communicator Karl Faase. An international production spanning many countries, experts and topics, Jesus the Game Changer aims to let viewers know how Jesus radically transformed the lives of key world leaders AND shaped the foundations of Western democracy.





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