Three sisters paving the way

Three sisters paving the way

Pictured above from left to right: Bronwyn Murphy (facilitator), Diane Torrens, Lorraine Roberts and Queenie Speeding

Sisters Dianne Torrens, Lorraine Roberts and Queenie Speeding have welcomed the opportunity to partake in Uniting Mission and Education’s Living our Faith Series, funded by some of the $14 000 so far raised for the Living is Giving Aboriginal Women in Leadership Campaign.  

The sisters are the first Aboriginal people to have taken the course, which aims to “equip and encourage an active faith” through four subjects, covering the Old Testament, the New Testament, Exploring Theology and Proclaiming Jesus Christ.

In May the sisters completed the Exploring Theology and are set to return at the beginning of August to complete the Old Testament segment. Queenie says she regrets not seeking out the opportunity to complete the series sooner.

“It’s something that I wasn’t expecting, but I am so pleased that I actually did put my hand up to do it. I was actually reflecting on how I grew up and what I was taught as a child, about my faith. So this has just opened another window,” Queenie explains.

“We have a wonderful facilitator and I appreciate the fact that I have her for my first time doing this type of study.”

Queenie thinks completing the series could lead to further study, and hopes that others are inspired to follow her and her sister’s footsteps.

“My one prayer in all of this is that we’re leading the way for others to actually come and say okay, we can do this too.

“We’re the first Aboriginal women to come through, and I’m not just going to think “oh I hope this works well”. I’m going to believe that we actually are going to lead by example, and we’re going to send a good message out there, we’re not going to just go and do this and then be quiet and keep this just for ourselves. I’ll be wanting to encourage others. That’s what my sisters and I are all about.

Queenie and her sisters are looking forward to returning to the course in early August, when they will be studying the Old Testament.

Grace Liley


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