The Gospels Unplugged

The Gospels Unplugged

Lucy Moore

The Gospels Unplugged is designed for teachers and church leaders to use in story time and similar occasions. Each section begins with a short introduction to the story or the person and then a story and / or poem about the incident or the person.

Sometimes the rhymes in the poem are a bit uneven, but children will still enjoy them.

I liked these ones best:

‘If you go down to the river today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the river today
You’ll probably be baptized….’

(I hope the lawyers that sued a pop band for using a segment of ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’ weren’t around when the ‘Teddy bears’ picnic’ was being sung.)

And on the blind man, whom Jesus healed, and his run in with the Pharisees

‘I said, ‘Jesus is a prophet.’
‘What rubbish’ they replied.
They sent for Mum and Dad.
And poor old Mum was petrified.’

Can’t you just see poor old Mum? They will also enjoy the Good Samaritan Rap with the odd slightly naughty word.

Cartoons are used to illustrate the pages; my favourite being the shepherd looking for his lost sheep – he doesn’t look the right shape to me to go gambolling in the hills to find a lost sheep. He’s not even facing in the direction of the sheep that are still there. No wonder the other one got clean away.

Lucy Moore is part of the BRF’s Barnabas children’s ministry team and the Messy Church leadership team. Her previous books included Messy Church, Messy Church 2 and Messy Crafts.

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