The Give and Keep

The Give and Keep

Sarah Hart

The Give and Keep is a wonderful CD: good, clear vocals; a variety of musical styles, rhythms, themes and sounds; and moving lyrics.

The songs can also be used for a variety of purposes. “Infinite Grace” could be used as background music during a meditation, “Wonderfully Made” for a confirmation service, “Given for the World” for a Communion service and “Child of My Heart” for a funeral service for a child.

“Better than a Hallelujah” is just nice to listen to when you’re feeling a little sad and “Love We’ll Leave” for having a make-up cuddle with your spouse after bickering.

My favourite song was “Way to Me”. It is bright and bouncy with a good strong beat. The words are also words that everyone can identify with from time to time. It also gives Hart a chance to demonstrate her wonderful vocal range.

The music is excellent. There is a subtle use of percussion that enhances Hart’s vocals and adds meaning to the lyrics.

The Give and Keep is also great sing-a-long music.

Katy Gerner


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