The BBC Earth Experience has arrived in Melbourne

The BBC Earth Experience has arrived in Melbourne

Main image credit: Journalist Jan Fran with Ambassador Damon Gameau (Getty Images for Live Nation, Sam Tabone)

The BBC Earth Experience has arrived in Naarm/Mebourne. Last week filmmaker and founder of Regenerators Australia, Damon Gameau along with journalist Jan Fran opened the exhibition. Damon Gameau is the Ambassador for the immersive experience.

“This is exactly the kind of thing we need in the middle of our cities – to bring back the magic, wonder and awe of the living world,” Mr Gameau said in his opening speech.

“And I guess that’s why we’re in the predicament we are in right now, we have as all of you know have lost our connection to the living world, we don’t see the magic in it anymore, we’ve built an entire economy and civilization based on a disconnection from that living world. And the only way we are going to get to that place of connection is through events like this to bring our children to.”

“Teachers are our greatest hope in terms educating children and bringing back that wonder and connection to nature again, so they will fight for it and will value it and will want to embed it into ecomonies of the future.”

The immersive exhibition promises to be an unforgettable journey through the natural world and enables the viewer to experience the extraordinary diversity of our seven unique continents on the most epic scale.

Featuring bespoke narration from David Attenborough, BBC Earth Experience showcases breath-taking footage and music from the BBC Studios Natural History Unit television series Seven Worlds, One Planet, projected on multiple multi-angle screens using the very latest digital screen technology.

Seven Worlds, One Planet was BBC One’s most watched factual TV show of the year in the UK and premiered on Channel Nine in 2019, including an episode on Australia.

Visitors can take a 360-degree audio visual journey across all seven continents, from the main gallery space in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre.

The exhibition aims to educate children about the value of the natural world, with accompanying education packs designed to inspire children and develop their understanding, empathy, and desire to protect the planet.

School groups are encouraged to attend. The experience is self-guided with curriculum-based education packs which can completed either on site or back in the classroom. The resources are curriculum linked with Teacher Guides for each pack.

Schools who have enquiries, should email for more information.

For tickets, visit the official website. The exhibition opens on 30 October.

Main image credit: Getty Images for Live Nation, Sam Tabone


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