Space for Grace needed more than ever

Space for Grace needed more than ever

With the upcoming postal vote on same-sex marriage in Australia, there will be and already has been challenging conversations in our community particularly in our Christian community.

Here is where we can truly embody the Space for Grace. Introduced in the 14th UCA Assembly in 2015 the report calls for space where our cultural diverse church can engage in respectful discussions.

The way we as Christians conduct ourselves both online and face-to-face, reflects on our faith community and the mission of Christ.

Uniting Church in Australia President, Stuart McMillan in a statement reminded members the harm careless words can cause and the importance of embracing our LGBTIQ community. The National Assembly has reminded church members about discernment around the conversations on marriage.

“We are committed to being an inclusive Church that embraces LGBTIQ people as full members and to culturally appropriate discussion about relationships and marriage across our diversity.

Within the grace space, this is possible. But it will require conversations from the heart and being truly present for one another,” said Mr McMillan.

Whatever your position or vote as Uniting Church members, as Christians and as people of the wider community continue to treat all people with dignity and respect as our society navigates through this important topic.

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” James 1:19.

Don’t forget to enrol to be part of the postal vote. Enrol before 24 August 2017.


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