Sharing your climate concerns with your local Federal MP

Sharing your climate concerns with your local Federal MP

What this is about

The National Church Life Survey tells us that four out of every five Uniting Church members believes that care for creation is an essential part of the mission of the church. But how does that belief translate into sharing our concerns in the public sphere?  How will our elected representatives know we care about these issues unless we tell them?

That’s why, as part of our Synod Climate Action Strategy (SCAS), we will be supporting Uniting Church members to share their concerns about climate change with their local Federal MP, in the lead up to the next election.

Are you open to having a conversation about your climate concerns with your Federal Member of Parliament?
Are you interested in bringing others together to help a conversation with your MP happen?

If you answered yes to either question, then please join the Uniting Climate Action Network for an on-line gathering on Wednesday 25 August, from 7pm – 8.15 pm. At the gathering we will hear more about the purpose of the Climate Conversations initiative, the different ways that conversations with our Federal MPs (and election candidates) could happen and how we can support each other to make it work.

Why this matters
Climate change poses a big challenge to our nation and world. We see its impacts happening here and around the globe. Because its big and affects all of us, we want to know our political leaders have a plan for how we respond, a plan that will enable us all to flourish.

That’s one of the benefits of living in a democracy. Ultimately our political leaders are accountable to us, the people. That’s what elections are for.

As Christians we have a responsibility to assess candidates’ policies not just in terms of our own interests, but in the light of Christian values, the common good and the wellbeing of all. The health of the planet could not be more central to the wellbeing of all. That’s why having Climate Conversations to shape our nation’s policies (regardless of who forms the next government) is so important. We hope you can join us.

 You can register for the Climate Conversations briefing here. The Zoom link will then be emailed to you.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Jon O’Brien on 0477 725 528 or at

Jon O’Brien

Uniting’s Advocacy Team


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