Roundup: Women and violence, Syria, new Pope

Roundup: Women and violence, Syria, new Pope

Historic UN code adopted to combat violence against women

Muslim and Western nations overcame deep divisions to agree on a landmark United Nations code to combat violence against women and girls.

New reports reveal true horror of Syrian civil war

Two years after Syrians rose in peaceful protest against their government, the country is mired in a bloody conflict with both sides responsible for war crimes, Amnesty International found in two briefings released on 13 March 2013.

Rebuild my church

I fervently hope and pray that a Global South pope who deliberately chooses his name from Francis of Assisi will be that agent of change. In the 12th century, the young Francis of Assisi heard a call that became his mission — “rebuild my Church” — straight from the voice of God. And today, the church needs rebuilding again — to be what the church was meant to be. But to make those changes, Pope Francis will need to address some very fundamental issues.

New pope welcomed by Reformed churches

“We are touched by your humility. The name you have chosen is a sign for us that attention to the plight of the poor and justice for all people will be important for you.”


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