Roundup: Sri Lanka, welcome parties, talking about homosexuality

Roundup: Sri Lanka, welcome parties, talking about homosexuality

Responding to Sri Lanka war crimes evidence

Both government forces and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam committed serious abuses throughout the conflict, and atrocities intensified during the last stages of the war.

Lifting the lid on Sri Lanka’s war crimes

A film on Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields exposes atrocities committed against civilian Tamils that the UN must not ignore.

Atrocities in Sri Lanka

Fresh evidence has emerged of alleged war crimes during the Sri Lankan civil war.

Welcome to Australia party for refugees

Refugees should be treated as people and not used to score political points, the Uniting Church says.

Refugees: Labor, Liberal race to the bottom

A June 6 statement signed by 17 refugee rights organisations, including the Uniting Church Australia, slammed the “debate about asylum policy” in Australia, and said it “has now degenerated to the point where the central argument seems to be about which inhumane policy will cause the least suffering.

Whatever works: How Christians talk about homosexuality

What we need is what religions do best: the creation of characters, forms of lives, stories—myths if you want—that don’t just defend, but that call, that invite; that present what you’re doing as a form of life that’s holy and beautiful and worth living.


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