Roundup: Same-sex unions, Stronger Futures, South Sudan, asylum seekers, Narooma

Roundup: Same-sex unions, Stronger Futures, South Sudan, asylum seekers, Narooma

US Episcopal Church approves blessing of same-sex unions

The US Episcopal Church has approved a liturgy for clergy to use in blessing same-sex unions, including gay marriages in states where they are legal, becoming the largest US religious denomination to approve such a ritual.

Stronger Futures: our present blindness

When history is formed, it comforts me to know that I stood in a church that was straining with intelligent engagement in all of this and spoke with a loud dissenting voice.

Refugees and the role of religious groups

If churches are to partner with the state, they must also stretch their imagination and political commitments beyond the borders of the nation-state and the national rhetoric that accompanies debates on immigration.

Boat people un-Christian?

More politicians should pay attention to the moral implications of the policies they have to determine.

Same-sex marriage

Church leaders remain divided on the issue.

Do we need a ‘Ricky’s Place’ in Narooma?

A public meeting has been called to see if the community thinks Narooma needs its own “Ricky’s Place” modelled on the community outreach centre of the same name in Bega.

South Sudan faces economic disaster as cost of independence bites

A year on from independence, with oil production shut down, the government in Juba could run out of money very soon.


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