Roundup: Pope Francis

Roundup: Pope Francis

‘Miserando atque eligendo’

More on Pope Francis.

United Methodists welcome new pope

United Methodists and other Methodists offered prayers and warm wishes to Pope Francis, the first pope from the Americas, who now will set the tone for the Roman Catholic Church’s ecumenical relations with other Christian traditions.

Argentina’s Pope Francis is a modest man focused on the poor

The first Latin American pope, Argentina’s Jorge Bergoglio, is a theological conservative with a strong social conscience, and a modest man who declined the archbishop’s luxurious residence to live in a simple apartment and travel by bus.

Will Francis’ role during Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’ come back to haunt him?

With the selection of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as pope, the Catholic Church broke new ground by tapping its first modern non-European pontiff, an acknowledgement of the church’s growing flock in the developing world.

Pope Francis on gay marriage, unmarried mothers … and journalists

The Argentinian pope has made strident comments about the church’s problems – and has come in for some fierce criticism.

How Pope Francis will mend a broken church

After weeks of uncertainty, it seems there is good reason to celebrate the election of Pope Francis.

‘Francis, go repair my house’: papal advice from a saint?

The resonance with a 12th century Saint who is revered well beyond Catholicism, who is recognised for his humility and voluntary poverty, who is an inspiration to peacemakers, and above all who challenged a wealthy and top-heavy Church, looks very powerful in the context of the crises the Vatican is currently presiding over — not least within its own structures and culture.

What can we expect from Pope Francis?

The election of Argentinian Cardinal-Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ, to be Pope Francis is historic in four senses. The new pontiff is the first non-European to be Bishop of Rome for a millennium, the first Jesuit, the first from Latin America, and the first with deep origins in the industrial working class.

Archbishop Welby seeks positive relations with new Pope

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has offered his “warmest welcome” to the former Cardinal Bergoglio on his election as Pope Francis.


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