Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank

(M) Sony DVD/BD

Veteran actor Frank Langella stars as a retired cat burglar in this small film about a guy who lives on his own set in the near future. His children are worried he has dementia.

Frank lives a bucolic existence, only venturing to town to get books out from the library, flirt with librarian Jennifer (Susan Sarandon), who is quaintly retro, and shoplift from the local gift shop.

When Hunter (James Marsden) delivers Frank a robot to assist him, he at first resists the robot’s help.

So develops a relationship between Robot and Frank as Frank gets used to having Robot around. The world around Frank is changing rapidly but Frank soon discovers something about Robot’s programming that intrigues him.

To say any more about the film would ruin the genuine surprises in store. An octogenarian heist film with a dose of humour and some heartbreak that addresses some hard issues about aging and neglect, Robot and Frank has a clever simplicity which belies its sci-fi setup.

Adrian Drayton


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