Prayer for those affected by the floods in the Far North Coast

Prayer for those affected by the floods in the Far North Coast

The Moderator Rev. Simon Hansford, has prepared the following prayer, after prompting from Phil Dokmanovic, for those affected by the floods. Please feel free to use this prayer in church services and for personal reflection.

O God, Our God,

where shall we find the words,

the hope,

to speak in these days?

Hear us in our silence,

in our cries and confusion,

in our groaning.

In our need.

Our lives have been washed away,

jobs and lounge rooms,

treasures and forgettables,

the roads and paths we know.

We begin, our God, with you,

your promises,

your love.

We choose to trust you,

even when everything we know has shifted,

including the ground we stand on.

Even in this paddock,

shadowed by death and brokenness,   

we choose to believe your promises:

that you love us,

that you are with us,

that you will never leave us.

In this most fragile of moments,

you are with us for every step and stumble.

We see the face of Christ

in each and every neighbour;

in the couple who rescued us,

in that woman offering us food in the evac centre,

in that bloke sitting, unsure,

outside the home he has lost.

Each time we turn,

your presence is clear.

We will be angry later,

and impatient.

We will need you then.

But now, O God, our God

bring us healing, bring us comfort,

bring us courage, bring us strength,

and, we implore you,

bring us the occasional moment of joy,

the snort, or shout, of laughter,

the stuff of life.

As these days move on,

as we clean up,

and rebuild

and wait,

help us to measure out these days in mercy,

in forgiveness,

in community.

O God, our God

for our friends

and congregations of hope,

we thank you.

Through Christ, the Crucified

and Risen One.


Rev. Simon Hansford



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