Out And Out

Out And Out

Dave Andrews, Mosaic Press

In line with Christianity being a way of life together, rather than just a system of beliefs, Dave Andrews outlines his response to the teaching and example of Jesus as he announced the kingdom of heaven being here and now. “Jesus … was not trying to change the regime but changing the system itself”. He does not see an answer in a withdrawal from the world as in monasticism but recognises the mysticism which the monks embraced.

The kingdom is under girded with compassion and love, not through withdrawal from the world but in embracing the needy as a practical means of identifying with Jesus. He gives a host of examples both from his own experience and the record of others who demonstrate “solving of problems in a Christlike way”. He borrows The Twelve Steps Approach from AA and makes reference to the effectiveness of grass roots movements, such as GROW and

The Oxford Group, his own Waiters Union and many other offshoots with self help ideals.

He sees these as all being based on Christ’s teaching of solidarity, subsidiarity and equality. These have been movements with “initiatives of change”, frequently on an inter-faith basis. He holds the conviction that ”Jesus is with people, whether people know it or not”. He acknowledges that his approach is “considered liberal secular in origin, not evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal – the fastest growing forms of Christianity today”. He advocates being “less Christian” and becoming “a Christlike community”. While some enthusiasts may view him as “liberal”; others from a denominational background may consider him “radical”. However as fellow followers of Jesus, his thoroughly documented proposals cannot be ignored. The book is well worth reading and reading again.

John Atkinson


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