Operation Paglingap responds to Philippines monsoon

Operation Paglingap responds to Philippines monsoon

The National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) has launched Operation Paglingap, an ecumenical response for the survivors of the torrential monsoon rains that hit many parts of Luzon and the Visayas, August 6-7.

Initial television coverage reported fully-packed evacuation centres, mainly schools, churches and community centres, affecting most severely urban poor and workers in the metropolitan area and farmers in the other regions.

The Rev. Rex RB Reyes, Jr, NCCP General Secretary, said, “While traumatised by the disaster in 2009, we were not paralysed by this latest deluge. We have seen how neighbours and friends, yes, how communities helped each other under difficult circumstances.

“That is the Filipino spirit we always celebrate and thank God for. With God’s providence and the help of friends, the pain of loss to life, property and economic livelihood will be eased somehow by our prayers and assistance.”

Operation Paglingap seeks:

  1. Special Prayers of all NCCP-member churches to be scheduled by their own pastors/parish priests on August 19. United in prayer, pray for God’s comfort to all the bereaved and survivors and thanksgiving for those who ministered to their needs during those terrible hours of torrential rains and massive flood. We encourage that special offerings be made for these bereaved and survivors.
  2. Local churches be open to accept donations in kind from their church members from now on until the end of this month. Donations can also give consideration to the long-term needs of the survivors (for example, farm tools, seedlings, kitchen utensils, nails) in addition to the immediate needs (clothes, blankets, sleeping mats, food, medicines and those needed especially for the elderly, infants and children). NCCP volunteers will then collect those upon notice by the pastor/parish priest or these may be directed to 879, EDSA, West Triangle, Quezon City.
  3. Help from others equally concerned and ready to share generously. Financial assistance may be directed to the NCCP:

National Council of Churches in the Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Islands
West Triangle Branch
1587 Quezon Blvd. Extension, Quezon City, Philippines
Phil. Peso Account No. 3051-0063-04
US Dollar Account No. 3054-0162-89
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

For more information:

NCCP Hotline: (632) 922-81-41/ 09189019359 /09228642573

Email: nccp_fws@yahoo.com.ph

Fr Reyes said, “Let us be inspired by the courage of the women and men who were there when it mattered most and share where it matters most. ‘There was not a needy person among them … distribution was made to each as any had need’ (Acts 4.34-35).

“May God bless us all even as we be a blessing to others.”


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