Not A Fan

(PG) Heritage HM DVD

This is an excellent small group resource that will generate discussion.

Not A Fan, developed by Kyle Idleman, kicks off a kit to help “raise up a generation of completely committed followers of Jesus”.

The movie is an adaptation of a series of small films that shows Idleman’s message in its entirety.

It follows the journey of Eric Nelson, a man leading a compartmentalised life, none of it very effectively matching his “nominal” Christian views.

He is what Idleman likes to refer to as a “fan” of Jesus — Nelson is happy to go to church on Sunday and live his daily life an entirely different way. He is ruthless in the boardroom and is happy to live this double standard until something happens that changes his perception.

Although the structure of the film (perhaps a hangover from the fact that it is many small parts added together) is a little jarring at times and Idleman’s commentary takes you out of the story (which could have been told in a more linear, engrossing way), the ideas in the film make perfect fodder for group discussion.

It is clear from the gospels that Jesus didn’t want a cheer squad or “fans”; he wanted fully committed followers who could effect change in the world around them and be a living example to others.

The message isn’t new but it’s always great to see it repackaged for those who need it most: the self-sufficient among us who believe they can do without it.

For this reason alone the film and related resources are recommended.

For more information about the Not A Fan resource material that accompanies this film, go to

Adrian Drayton


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