News Round-up: October 2

News Round-up: October 2

The Young Messiah coming soon

Although the Bible only records one event during Jesus’ life as a boy (see Luke 2:41-50), Hollywood reckons it knows what he was up to as he grew up. Set to be released around Easter next year, The Young Messiah focuses on Jesus as a young lad at the centre of prophecy, political tension and God’s almighty plans. Featuring Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings‘ star Sean Bean as a Roman soldier on the hunt for Jesus, The Young Messiah is an intriguing work based on a novel by Anne Rice (Interview with the Vampire).



Christians targetted in US massacre

The latest shooting spree in the USA ended with 10 people killed at a community college in Oregon. Eyewitnesses reported how the gunman, 26-year-old student Chris Harper-Mercer, asked people if they were Christians. Harper-Mercer shot people in the head who professed to be Christian. Those who did not were shot in the leg.



Instant Christ… in an app

A new social-media platform has been unveiled, aimed only at Christians and “people of faith”. Instant Christ claims to offer the ability to “stay connected spiritually with family, friends, Christians and people of faith around the world”. The ability to find a local church, search sermons or share prayer requests is built-in, along with the promise of there being none of the “secular distractions” found on other platforms.



Time is money is a rip off

A provocative opinion piece in Christian newspaper Challenge dares us to consider the value of the familiar expression ‘time is money’. Placing a dollar amount on everything we do has a negative effect on our relationships and the worth we find in stuff that has no monetary component. But is there a solution to our thirst for turning our lives into financial transactions?



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