NAIDOC Family Day a success

NAIDOC Family Day a success

NSW Congress was invited by Rev Chris Budden for the second time around  to hold a stall at the Eastlakes NAIDOC Family Day event  at Pelican Foreshore on the 11th of July, Friday.

We were one of approximately 17 stalls.

Congress merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs and lanyards were sold and we were amazed that people bought a branded UAICC item with little or less knowledge of who or what we are as a group.

We were able to share the works of Congress to many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (TSI)  local people there.  We made some local TSI connections such as a pastor from Rutherford.

Chris Budden is a part of the NAIDOC Committee locally and we are grateful to have another opportunity at this event.

This year’s theme ‘Serving Country – Centenary and Beyond’  highlights the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who fought in defence for Australia.

Local performances presented some traditional and contemporary songs and dances  by  Aboriginal young people and a group of Torres Strait Islander community.

Overall, it was a very good day (apart from the very windy weather in the morning!) making some links with the community and local community services.

The stall allows Congress to increase their profile outside of the church which is one of the focus areas for 2014 of the NSW Regional Council of Congress.

Congress hopes to be actively part of NAIDOC in the coming years to engage with local communities.

Hazel Leano


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