Social media rallies around false reporting

Social media rallies around false reporting

Recently media outlets ran stories about The Uniting Church removing its symbols and relationship with Christ to distance itself from the Royal Commission findings.

Apart from the false reporting and the suggestion that The Uniting Church is shying away from its responsibility to the survivors of institutional abuse, it has used the Church’s services arm — Uniting — to suggest that our denomination has removed Christ from the centre of our activities.

The Uniting Church has a long history of care and compassion for our communities and Uniting works as Christ’s “hands and feet” among those most vulnerable in the community. It is one of  the largest providers of aged care in Australia.

Michael Frost, the founder of the Tinsley Institute and lecturer at Morling College posted a link to a report in the media with this question — The Uniting Church in Australia is removing any references to Christ and any religious symbols from their logo and advertising? Is this for real? — and surprisingly received the following responses from around the church to the claims made in the media.

The President, Stuart McMillan, stated “I would like to thank the many Uniting Church members and supporters who have condemned the Daily Telegraph for its inaccurate  coverage.”


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