Light a candle for Melbourne at 8pm

Light a candle for Melbourne at 8pm

The Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr Philip Freier, is calling on people to light a candle each night at 8pm and place it into a window of their home as a sign of hope greater Melbourne enters a new COVID 19 curfew.

New and stringent restrictions come into effect, at midnight 6 August, that further limit movement and personal interaction in order to help stop the Coronavirus spread in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Dr Freir said that lighting a candle is small action that all can share.

“I will be lighting a candle at my home tonight, placing it in the window facing the street on which I live,” Dr Freier said.

“I invite people across our communities to light up the windows of their rooms, apartments and houses. Together we can spread the light as a sign of hope in these dark days.”

People of faith may want to pray as they light their candles.

“For Christians, lighting a candle is a symbol of God’s light piercing into the darkness of our own despair,” Dr Freier said.

“It’s our saying that God’s hope is the power that motivates us as we continue to endure these limitations and experience the sacrifice of this time.”

St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne has created a webpage with shared social media resources and prayers at curfew time.

Partipants can post an image of their candle along with the #CandlesAtCurfew hashtag on social media.


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  1. Very good initiative. We need to publicise this on other media such as radio and TV. Was good to hear Dr Freier on radio this morning but that is not enough. We need a full campaign.

    Happy to discuss further

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