Lecture to remember Alan Walker’s legacy of an authentic Australian ministry

Lecture to remember Alan Walker’s legacy of an authentic Australian ministry

The late Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker is remembered as one of Australia’s leading evangelists.

As Superintendent of of the Central Methodist Mission (now Wesley Mission) he oversaw a remarkable period of growth in new forms of ministry and evangelism while taking a strong and committed stand on social justice issues.

“Christianity is concerned with the whole of life—and it’s more concerned with this life than the afterlife. And so you are involved in the social struggle and the political and international struggle if you’re a Christian,” he said more than 50 years ago.

However never forgot the real purpose of evangelism: “Let it never be forgotten that it is Christ we offer,” he said.  “The Church must never degenerate to being akin to a government or social service agency.”

In remembering Sir Alan’s legacy, Wesley Mission Superintendent the Rev Dr Keith Garner will deliver a special lecture at Wesley Mission on 13 March.

The authentic Australian evangelist: Alan Walker will reflect on the life of Alan Walker – an inspirational man who pronounced “a whole gospel for the whole world.”

“Alan will always be remembered for his strong Christian leadership, very high level of personal integrity, innovation in the delivery of social welfare services and a preparedness to stand beside the most vulnerable and disadvantaged no matter the personal cost,” Dr Garner said.

“As Australia’s leading evangelist, he used all means available to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Wherever Alan went, he sought media attention and was never reluctant to engage with emerging means of communication.

“He also had a willingness to take a stand on what were then unpopular causes, but which later became orthodox thinking.”

Copies of a new book by Dr Garner, The authentic Australian evangelist: Alan Walker will be available on the night for $9.95. It can also be bought from Wesley Mission for $9.95 (plus postage and handling) from 14 March.

To order a copy visit: www.wesleymission.org.au/gifts.


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