Geraldine Doogue to appear at The Big Picture Film Festival

Geraldine Doogue to appear at The Big Picture Film Festival

The popular ABC broadcaster, Geraldine Doogue, will take part in a panel discussion with author Tom Keneally and Jesuit priest Fr Frank Brennan at The Big Picture Film Festival on February 27 (bookings online at

The panel discussion will take place following the Australian premiere screening of the controversial film Silence in the House of God: Mia Maxima Culpa. The film tells the story of the global cover-up of clerical abuse within the Catholic Church and the battle of five individuals to rise above it.

The screening of Silence in the House of God: Mia Maxima Culpa is timely for the many victims of clerical abuse in Australia who hope to have their own stories heard at the Royal Commission. The parallels between what happened to so many of them and what is demonstrated in this film are both stark and shocking.

The Big Picture Film Festival runs from February 27 to March 5 and is a unique collection of the most exciting new documentary films from around the world. All proceeds raised go to supporting the work of The Bill Crews Charitable Trust. The Trust encourages, supports, finances and develops ways of tackling poverty across three continents.

 See. Think. Change.

Film critic and television personality David Stratton, an ambassador for the festival, said, “In addition to its role as global entertainment, the medium of film, in the right hands and with the proper level of vision and commitment, can be a great and forceful agent of social change.

“The Big Picture Film Festival presents a carefully curated boutique selection of exciting new documentary films from around the world. They are stimulating, provocative and persuasive in their examination of issues important to us all.

“I’ve known of Bill Crews and his tireless work managing community needs on the local level for many years. The Big Picture Film Festival is a natural and exciting outgrowth of that mission, and I am pleased and proud to endorse it. I urge you to support The Bill Crews Charitable Trust by attending the festival and joining in Bill’s efforts to engage in making Australia, and the world, a better place.

“See. Think. Change. Films, and those who make them, have the power to do that. The rest is up to us.”

A growing movement for positive change

The Rev. Bill Crews, founder of The Big Picture Film Festival, said, “We all know the feeling we get at the back of our neck when we c ome across something that strikes us as being unfair. Not only does it strike us as unfair, or wrong, but we are surprised no one has done anything about it — no one has righted the wrong or corrected the unfairness and we wonder why?

“You can bet your boots that if you have felt this way about a particular issue or event, many others have felt the same way too. Yet that’s how it remains; a wrong recognised by many, yet left to fester and continue to bring on its darkness.

“I think this happens because, in this day and age, we all too easily feel overwhelmed by so many events that are going on around us that seem out of our control. We feel insignificant in the face of them.

“The Big Picture Film Festival is all about showcasing those who have taken a stand. It is about those people who have, and are, making change in our society. It’s about showing how involvement, passion and commitment can bring about positive change; highlighting issues that need changing and encouraging you too get involved.

“Nothing changes unless we change.”

Mr Crews said, “Be a part of a growing movement for positive change. You might be surprised at how much change you can actually bring about!”

Festival schedule

Silence In The House Of God: Mea Maxima Culpa

Wednesday February 27 2013, 7:45pm | Australian Premiere

The story of the global cover-up of clerical abuse within the Catholic Church and the battle of five individuals to rise above it.

On The Bridge

Thursday February 28 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

For many of the American men and women returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, their war is just beginning.

Shadows Of Liberty

Thursday February 28 2013, 8:30pm | Sydney Premiere

Featuring Julian Asange, Shadows of Liberty explores the conglomeration of media outlets that cripple local news coverage whilst serving corporate masters.

Bad Weather

Friday March 1 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

The eye-opening story of 65 sex workers trying to organise benefits as for themselves as their workplace crumbles into the sea.

Blood In The Mobile (Blod I Mobilen)

Friday March 1 2013, 8:30pm | Australian Premiere

The mobile phone in your pocket contains a dirty little secret the multinationals don’t want you to know about. Blood in the Mobile lifts the lid.

The Reluctant Revolutionary

Saturday March 2 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

The chemistry is palpable and the risks enormous; one man watches another’s remarkable transformation from beleaguered businessman to zealous activist.

Bernadette: Notes On A Political Journey

Saturday March 2 2013, 8:30pm | Sydney Premiere

The remarkable real-life story of the youngest ever female to be elected to Britain’s Parliament.


Sunday March 3 2013, 3:30pm | Australian Premiere

Winner of the non-fiction audience award at the South by Southwest Film Festival, Mine is an inspirational film that speaks to all animal lovers.

One Fine Day

Sunday March 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

What motivates the individual to action? This uplifting film profiles average people whose frustrations and constructive anger led them to social activism.

Anton’s Right Here (Anton Tut Ryadom)

Monday March 4 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

He suffers autism in a country that doesn’t officially acknowledge the condition, yet Anton’s inspirational saga lifts the spirit.

Five Broken Cameras

Monday March 4 2013, 8:30pm | Oscar© Nominee

An Oscar© nominee for Best Documentary Feature; this is a harrowing, up-to-the-minute mélange of technology, politics and endurance.


Tuesday 5 March 2013, 6:00pm | Australian Premiere

‘Nothing stops a bullet like a job!’ In one gang-plagued Los Angeles neighbourhoods, Jesuit priest Father Greg “G-Dog” Boyle is changing lives.

The Bill Crews Charitable Trust

The Big Picture Film Festival is an initiative of the Bill Crews Charitable Trust, which seeks to address social inequality. It exists to encourage and develop new and innovative projects aimed at alleviating poverty. The Trust is locally and intentionally entrepreneurial, established both in Australia and in Hong Kong.

It encourages, supports, finances, resources and develops means of tackling local community needs at an international level. The Trust works largely in developing countries, in close partnership with those social entrepreneurs making positive change through their hands-on work supporting local people.

By supporting these people The Bill Crews Charitable Trust aims to break the nexus of the risk adverse nature of many charitable institutions and the way that nature can stifle entrepreneurship. Through encouraging and fostering entrepreneurship at the local level entire communities can be changed.

The Bill Crews Charitable Trust works across boarders and faiths and, in doing so, recognises the importance of local efforts in breaking the poverty cycle.

“Many people hear the cry of the oppressed or marginalised yet don’t know what to do about it,” Mr Crews said. “By engaging with The Bill Crews Charitable Trust you can make a meaningful difference.”


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