Frontier Services lend a hand in Cobar

Frontier Services lend a hand in Cobar

Cobar Nyngan Patrol is one of several Uniting Church remote patrol ministries across Australia that Frontier Services financially assist, thanks to the generosity of congregations, donors and supporters.

After months of planning with Patrol Minister Rev. Jo Smalbil, the local Cobar Nyngan community welcomed a group of Frontier Services staff including New National Director Jannine Jackson, volunteers and wonderful sponsor of Outback Links program, NRMA.

Their mission was to experience first-hand life in the remote parts of Oz and chip in across several days and nights.

Volunteers helped with a whole host of repairs, painting, maintenance and crucial mechanical work that was on hold due to the daily demands of living in the bush.

The ages of the volunteers ranged from 19 to 80 years old all taking the time to pull up their sleeves in a bid to make a difference. In the process, volunteers and people in the local community formed life-long friendships.

This comradeship and ministerial mission is essential in remote communities. If you are thinking of becoming a donor there could not be a better time to lend a hand to our brothers and sisters in the outback right across the far corners of Australia.

Find more information here about the amazing work of the re-energised Uniting Church National Agency Frontier Services, as they are help our remote communities get through the tough times.



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