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Divergent takes place in a dystopian future. It’s a walled-in society that is broken up into five ‘factions’ that run various parts of society.

Your faction defines what you do with your life. Those who belong to no faction are labelled ‘factionless’ and are society’s cast offs — homeless and unprotected.

When teenagers turn 16 they take aptitude tests to give them an idea what faction they are most suited for. Many end up in the factions they were raised in.

This is where we join the story and our heroine Beatrice (Woodley). Her test results are inconclusive, a point that freaks her tester out enough to make her usher Beatrice out the back door and warn her to tell no one, not even her family.

However, Beatrice soon discovers she is unique, that she possesses all the five traits and she is divergent.

The film does have some take home messages: that our talents can be used for justice; that we should think of others rather than ourselves. Of course, caring for others is at the heart of Christianity.

Divergent will foster discussion among teenagers about standing up for the truth, service above self, being wise, exercising courage, and fostering peace.

Adrian Drayton


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