Development of park and ride at Olympic Park

Development of park and ride at Olympic Park

Tonight’s Sydney Alliance City Assembly – Bridging Sydney – will call for the development of a major new park & ride facility at Sydney’s under-used Olympic Park precinct.

Sydney Alliance transport spokesperson Kurt Iveson said the park & ride proposal would be an affordable, efficient short-term solution to the city’s debilitating commuter crush.

A Prof Iveson said the construction of the WestConnex tunnel is still years away, and long-suffering commuters of Western Sydney need better access to the city sooner rather than later.

“Parramatta Road has become one of the most clogged arterial roads in the country, and commuters are losing patience,” A Prof Iverson said.

“Sydney Alliance is calling for the State government to conduct a feasibility study into the construction of a Park and Ride facility at Sydney Olympic Park, with direct commuter services running to Central Station.

“This site is perfectly located next to the M4 and adjacent to the Olympic Park rail line.  There already is under-utilised car-parking capacity at the site next to the Olympic Hockey Centre, with the potential for significant expansion.

“Building a park and ride facility on this site would allow commuters travelling from the Blue Mountains and Western Sydney to drive to the end of the M4, leave their car in an affordable and secure car park, and complete the rest of their commute by train.

“It would help alleviate traffic congestion in and around the CBD, and would spare many Sydney-siders the financial pain of exorbitant CBD parking costs.

“Early indications suggest this project could be completed for around $300 million, making it a relatively low-cost way to get more value out of Sydney’s existing transport infrastructure.”

Dr Tattersall said tonight’s City Assembly would drawn together a powerful coalition of people from all walks of life, united by the desire to make Sydney a better place for all.

“Around 1,500 people will attend the Assembly, representing Sydney Alliance’s 49 partner organisations,” Dr Tattersall said.

“The commitment of so many people to Sydney Alliance shows that civil society is far from dead – in fact we’re building a new grassroots movement that cannot be ignored.”

Dr Tattersall said the Sydney Alliance agenda for the common good has three key elements:

  • Tackling homelessness and housing affordability;
  • Proving safe, clean, accessible and affordable public transport; and
  • Supporting pathways to employment.


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