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Sherwood Baptist, the church that last had success with the relationship drama Fireproof, have again hit a nerve with their latest film Courageous. It’s about fatherhood, faith and the responsibilities that come with it.

Where Fireproof had the premise of a marriage under pressure, Courageous again goes for the jugular with its theme of men having the courage to stand up for what they believe.

The Kendrick brothers, Stephen and Alex, have stepped up the filmmaking smarts with this latest film. Like Fireproof, it’s the sort of Christian film you can proudly recommend to friends and family.

The film’s skilful blend of moving drama, subtle comedy and some impressively-mounted action scenes are refreshing for a Christian film. In some ways the film is still preachy, but the producers have tapped into exactly the right market: Christian dads who need a kick in the pants to get more involved in their families.

Alex Kendrick is relatable and moving in the central role of Adam, the veteran officer, whose terrible family tragedy sets the film’s plot in motion.

With complex, well-drawn and believable characters who are struggling with personal issues, Courageous is suitable for adults and perfect for group discussion on the nature of fatherhood and personal faith.

Adrian Drayton


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