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The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together

In defense of the consensus model

Review: The Church Guide for Making Decisions Together In an Easter article former UCA President Jill Tabart ruefully observed: “The consensus model is not being used...


Small church, big step for women

How female ordination was led by one of the Uniting Church's core members.


Call to action goes on

As we celebrate the 40th year of our Church, it is only fitting that a new book has chronicled our history of advocacy in the public space. Ex-Moderator Rev. Dr Brian...

Geoff Thompson at launch of Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many.

How provocative is the Basis of Union?

Disturbing Much, Disturbing Many: Theology Provoked by the Basis of Union is a collection of recent articles by Dr Geoff Thompson, related to the Basis of Union –...


Out of the Ordinary: Twelve Australian Methodist Biographies

This wonderful book acknowledges the skill and dedication of some of the lesser-known Methodist leaders whose contribution to the faith should be better known today. We...


Opening the Doors: A Prison Chaplain’s Life On The Inside

The author, Paul Gill, is no stranger to the Perth Diocese, having served as Senior Prison Chaplain and Coordinating Chaplain at Casuarina Prison for ten years before...


‘A modelling for peace’

Blessed and Called to Be a Blessing: Muslim-Christian Couples Sharing a Life Together by Rev. Helen Richmond When Michelle and Yusef chose to embark on life together as...


The Monster Who Ate Australia

The Monster Who Ate Australia is an excellent book because it’s lots of fun.


Celia and Nonna

This kids book has an excellent way of gently explaining the more difficult aspects of getting old.


Elephants Have Wings

Susanne Gervay and illustrated by Anna Pignataro Elephants Have Wings is based on the Indian fable about the blind men who examined different parts of an elephant and...