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Claustrophobic? Do not apply within, as this contained race-against-the-clock chiller focuses entirely upon Ryan Reynolds as a US contractor buried alive inside a coffin, somewhere in tumultuous Iraq.

Aside from a few questionable wide shots, we never leave the tiny confines of Reynolds’ deadly prison, as he frantically attempts to call for help (he still has mobile reception in his shallow grave).

Commentary about the politics of war is only a sideline ¾ and often clumsily introduced ¾ as Buried hammers nails in the callous selfishness of corporations more interested in protecting profits than people. Reynolds’ well-modulated and involving performance provides a first-hand look at someone acutely aware of death’s imminent approach.

Buried is a provocative depiction of fragile mortality, but one without any hope or comfort found in a purpose beyond this life. The absence of Christ’s salvation through grace adds deeper sorrow to Buried’s perilous predicament.

Ben McEachen


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