Bathurst cafe to help those experiencing homelessness

Bathurst cafe to help those experiencing homelessness

When Bathurst Uniting’s Safe Shelter could not remain open due to COVID-19, organisers did the next best thing.

While the organisers determined that they would not be able to keep Uniting Safe Shelter (USS) open while maintaining social distancing measures, they have continued to provide hot meals and sleeping bags to those faced with harsh conditions this winter.

This service is offered via a weekend café, where people can get hot meals and sleeping bags if they want them. Opening on Saturdays and Sundays, the service has also supported local businesses by purchasing meals from them.

Julie Greig is the service coordinator. She previously told local newspaper The Western Advocate that shutting the shelter was a tough decision at a time when the weather was getting colder.

“None of us all of a sudden want to stop providing the service that we have been able to provide,” she said.

When Insights spoke to Ms Greig it was “still early days” with the café service having begun the prior weekend.

Ms Greig told Insights that those interested in supporting Bathurst Uniting Church’s efforts could donate towards the costs of sleeping bags and meals bought at local businesses. Ms Greig observed that $100 could provide a person experiencing homelessness with, “a good quality sleeping bag that could fit into a backpack.”

For more information about Uniting Safe Shelter (USS), including to make a donation, visit the official Facebook page here.


2 thoughts on “Bathurst cafe to help those experiencing homelessness”

  1. It is absolutely terrible that homeless people can’t use a shelter because of social distancing measures. Normal health and safety should not be sacrificed like this. I don’t blame Uniting though – they’re just sticking to government regulations.

  2. Good work mate I’m a old Bathurst local .who now resides in Sydney.but I have. Spent many a night homeless.amd I could only imagine how Hard beeing a homeless person in Bathurst in winter could be . I’m looking for work in the field of helping people and would love to help people were I’m from if anything ever turns up you can reach me on0434184439 I’ve experienced anything and everything the world has to throw at you and have come out the other side so I’m here if needed

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